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Tree Houses

Tree Houses

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Many children dream of living in a tree. The magic of tree houses has been shaped by a long tradition shared by many cultures. If you still like the idea of living in direct contact with trees, if you fancy giving it a try for a few days, if you would like to build a little hut on your land, or if you are considering the possibility of building a house between the branches of a leafy tree, then this is the book for you.At its core, Tree Houses illustrates a varied selection of structures built on or hung from trees. Inspiring photographs and drawings show how they can be used as luxury retreats, play forts, and functional lookouts. Sometimes remote and isolated, they enjoy the nostalgic associations with childhood memories.Inside, you’ll find more than fifty examples of houses that serve very different purposes. They range from functional to capricious, affordable to expensive, and sustainable to bizarre. You’ll see how location provides the inspiration in the design of many of the tree houses inside and how the final product turns these buildings into some of the most enviable real estate in the world.