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London's Monuments

London's Monuments

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From Queen Boudicca's fight against the Romans to Nelson Mandela's struggle against apartheid, readers can walk among the statuary of the capital and bring history to life London has more than 300 monuments which are easily unnoticed but have fascinating tales to tell, and with detailed maps and stunning photos, this handbook is a great way to uncover the many tales surrounding them. Where else can visitors find a monument to an emasculated lion made from a mysterious ceramic or the figure of an 18th-century radical thinker who was hounded from his home by an angry mob? The monument to Quintin Hogg commemorates one of the country's great philanthropists who dedicated much of his life to teaching street children and was nearly murdered several times for his efforts. The less worthy figure of George IV has a much grander monument—which is not surprising as he paid for the monument himself using public funds. The good, the bad, the courageous, and the cowardly all have a permanent place on the streets of London.