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Top 100 World's Landscape - Liesure and Tourism (Top World's Landscape)

Top 100 World's Landscape - Liesure and Tourism (Top World's Landscape)

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The leisure and tourism volume of the 'Top 100' landscape architecture series includes some of the most stunning, expansive built landscapes ever seen. The focus here is on entire cultivated luxury worlds. From the London Olympics Park to the Jincheng Botanical Garden, these projects share one thing in common: they make readers want to head straight there. The Japanese resort spa Hoshinoya Kyoto in Japan was built on a steep sloping river bank and visitors disembark from a guided gondola ride, while the OCT Intercontinental Hotel in China is surrounded by a theme park and contains Gaudi-inspired architectural details and even a full size replica of a Spanish galleon ship. Hotel Modera in Portland, Oregon boasts a 64-foot long living wall, and the Centara Grand Mirage in Thailand is the ultimate beach resort with a water garden of waterfalls, caverns, an inner tube area, and waterslides under the shade of a giant sculptural totem. These enchanting spaces are limited only by the architect s imagination and are a visual stimulus for the reader s imagination.