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Rural Housing Policy (Housing, Planning and Design Series)

Rural Housing Policy (Housing, Planning and Design Series)

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Written by authors with both academic and practical experience, this book provides readers with an in-depth examination and balanced overview of current rural housing policy. Following the publication of the Rural White Paper in November 2000 there has been a plethora of rural housing policy statements and innovative policy initiatives in the UK. This text: examines the nature of Rural Housing policy, placing emphasis on the marginalization of rural housing in 'housing policy and practice' debates and even countryside debates and the role of focusing policy on building and maintaining sustainable rural communities lays out a definition of 'rural' in relation to housing debates and undertakes an historical survey of policy and events to set the background for examining the current policy context and framework explores the idyll of the rural home (including holiday and second homes) as well as the recent foot and mouth crisis and other environmental issues scrutinizes the framework within which policy is formulated at both national and local levels and financial and funding frameworks including the New Labour 'third way' rural housing policy. This book is a key resource for students of all levels studying planning, urban theory and housing.