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Living in Wonderland: Urban development and placemaking

Living in Wonderland: Urban development and placemaking

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Over the next 15 years China is set to urbanise 300 million people and build the equivalent urban area of North America. London is set to grow by two million people by 2030 and in the same period Sao Paulo will increase by three million. This is the greatest period of urbanisation in human history and yet the buildings and places we are designing and developing leave a great deal to be desired. The world's cities are increasingly becoming a one-stop solution of homogenous shopping centres and apartment towers. With hundreds of millions of people set to move to our cities in the coming decades there is huge social responsibility to ensure that people aren't subjected to identikit lives that compromise health, wellbeing and general happiness. Living in Wonderland seeks to explore the challenges currently facing urban development and master planning and to look at the key component parts such as residential, retail and work space creation. The argument for change is made through the discussion of real life projects from across the globe - many studied first hand by the author. Throughout, the approach is to encourage debate and inspire non-default solutions in development and urbanism. The book is designed to fill the gap between the glossy and superficial coffee table books and theoretical academic papers. Its aim is to inspire practitioners and students of property development, architecture, town planning and anyone with an interest in the urban environment and to demonstrate the vital need to design places for people.