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Tomas Saraceno: Cloud-Specific

Tomas Saraceno: Cloud-Specific

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Drawing inspiration from clouds, bubbles, spider webs, and other natural structures, artist Tomas Saraceno creates visionary installations that capture the imagination and ask pointed questions about the sociopolitical conditions in which we live, as well as our capacity to change them. With essays by curator Meredith Malone, architectural historian Igor Marjanovic, and art historian Ines Katzenstein—as well as a conversation between the artist and physicist Denis Weaire—this thought-provoking catalogapproaches Saraceno’s uniquely experimental, cross-disciplinary, and collaborative practice from a variety of angles.The work on display in Tomas Saraceno: Cloud-Specific includes pneumatic sculptures, modular environments, drawings, and a video, all conceived as part of an ongoing exploration into an Air-Port-City / Cloud-City (2001–present), a floating city in the sky fueled by solar energy. Documenting the related exhibition at the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum and more broadly examining the artist’s working process, this book is among the first to investigate Saraceno’s work and its place at the intersection of art, architecture, engineering, and the natural sciences in a globalized world.