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The Dakota Apartments: Articles: 1878-1919

The Dakota Apartments: Articles: 1878-1919

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The Campfire Network's publishing division presents: "The Dakota Apartments: Vintage Articles." The Dakota Apartments, located at 1 West 72nd Street on New York's Upper West Side is best known as the setting of various popular films and the home of John Lennon. But there is much more to know. Built between 1880-1884, it is one of New York's most beautiful buildings and is of major architectural, historical and social significance. Over the course of the time we spent during our extensive research on the history of the Dakota Apartments we came across many rare and vintage newspaper articles that have eluded even the most astute of Architectural Historians and Dakota Scholars. Many that we have uncovered are beyond price to anyone interested in the information on one of New York’s most legendary buildings. This volume shares many of the original newspaper articles that were written about the Dakota before, during, and after its design and construction. Many of the articles are beautifully written, with wonderful descriptions, and sing the praises of the Dakota as well as, if not better than, anything contemporary writers have put to words, so we are eager and delighted to share them with you; along with a lot of vintage and original photos, graphics, illustrations, water colors, and other images. This is a special book written for those with a keen interest in New York History, 19th century city living, the development of apartments and living conditions in New York, and associated with the Dakota Apartments from 1879-1919.