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Home Sweet Home Design: A Primer for the Beginning House Designer

Home Sweet Home Design: A Primer for the Beginning House Designer

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A primer for the beginning house designer emphasizing the land and sustainability. Appropriate for someone who is interested in making a career of designing single family houses or is merely interested in getting involved in designing a house just for themselves and their family. This book will then serve as a reference throughout the beginners initial efforts and beyond. The content attempts several things: Providing the beginner with an overview of the subject thereby allowing their determination of the feasibility of their interests. Education of both the career residential designer and the individual homeowner in the scope of good design, some of the technical intricacies, the necessary minimum efforts and where to head if one chooses to develop their skills further. Streamlining technical areas into tips and rules of thumb to get the beginner started while they embark on the lengthy process of digesting the industry. Description of places where the designer or homeowner can choose to fore go involvement or not. Revealing design’s place in the wider construction industry. Pointing to the other ’players’ and how to use them. And Last but not least, exploring some of more important values of going “green”.