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Antoni Tapies: From Object to Sculpture 1964-2009

Antoni Tapies: From Object to Sculpture 1964-2009

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The catalogue brings together all the works presented in the exhibition, works from various international museums and collectors, which reveal a lesser known aspect of the artist, thus adding to knowledge about the conceptual art that the artist Antoni Tapies developed throughout his highly productive lifeAccompanied by texts written by both the curator and an internationally renowned art critic or historian, as well as texts by other artists about the masterThe documentary annex will contain a glossary, a chronology and a biography which reflect the latest research on the artist The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao is organizing Antoni Tapies, from Object to Sculpture (1964-2002), an exhibition devoted to the lesser known facets of the painter: his sculptures and assemblages. This is the first complete analysis of the sculptures and objects created by Tapies, encompassing the whole of his artistic production for almost five decades. The exhibition is conceived as a chronological analysis of Tapies' sculptural work and as a methodical examination of his treatment of space, revealing conceptual genealogies which locate sculpture, the object and assemblage on the front line of the artist's investigations. The show is curated by Alvaro Rodriguez Fominaya (Las Palmas of Gran Canaria, 1968), an internationally renowned curator of exhibitions on contemporary art. Currently a curator at New York's Guggenheim Museum, from 2008-2011, he served as Executive Director-Curator of the Para/Site Art Space, the main independent center for contemporary art in Hong Kong, and worked for more than six years at the Centro Atlantico de Arte Moderno (CAAM) in Spain, where he was Acting Director from 2006-07.