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Secrets of Southern Design

Secrets of Southern Design

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Being southern is more than saying “ya ll and drinking sweet tea. Southerners are all about genuine hospitality, respectful manners, and romantic Old World gentility combined with down-home charm, practical wisdom, and a touch of mischievous whimsy.To really know a southerner, visit her home. There you will find:• Welcoming porches and foyers that begin telling a story of who we are;• Genteel yet comfortable living spaces designed to wow you, but also to invite you to settle in and stay awhile;• A proud heritage reflected in family antiques and memorabilia woven into our decor;• Romantic elegance wedded to down-home functionality, especially in the bedroom;• Man-spaces that make the men in our life happy so we can have the decor we want in the rest of the house;• Attention to detail that transforms a house into a breathtaking southern home!Each chapter features a “Get Your Southern On section where you can learn how to incorporate timeless southern values into YOUR decor.So pour yourself a cup of tea, curl up with SECRETS OF SOUTHERN DESIGNS-and get your “southern on