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Symmetric Textile Patterns: Visual Mathematics Series

Symmetric Textile Patterns: Visual Mathematics Series

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This book is a repertoire of the symmetric textile patterns created by the author. These patterns were designed by the use of computational methods - by means of a computer based solution space search. The solution space can be reduced by expert users and through computer algorithms, to find solutions that meet certain criteria. The work presented in this book is based on a transformation process by starting with a simple pattern with a limited number of colors. Geometric transformations are then applied to the pattern in order to create symmetric patterns. A variety of such transformations can be possible, although the current work is based on a certain fixed number of such algorithms. These algorithms are based on reflection, replication, and other means of creating a new image from an existing one. All the patterns in this book are the original work of the author, a fallout from the transformation process utilizing a form of image processing. Similar patterns as those presented will be available at www.spoonflower.com/profiles/kiranrdesai on the web.