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The Workshop Manual: and Compedium of Useful Information

The Workshop Manual: and Compedium of Useful Information

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Author's PREFACE: THERE is nothing new under the sun. Every month sees thousands of books ushered into the world that merely flail again the thoroughly threshed straws of the ages. In a work of the character of this one, originality is not, of course, looked for. Judicious or injudicious selection from the masses of Gradgrindian fact left us from the labors of generations of calculators, statisticians and compilers, is the only factor in determining its success or failure. A furniture worker, a doctor of veterinary science, and a sheet metal worker all need books of ready reference to aid them in a thousand odd ways in their daily toil, but the data each would post himself upon are radically different. It is for the last class and those in kindred lines, such as hardware, heating, or roofing, that this book is specially intended. The greatest care has been taken to make this Manual comprehensive without being voluminous, and compact without being at all incomplete. Its contents are in the main of a technical nature, and the few departures made into the field of general information will, it is trusted, increase the helpfulness of this little book to those for whom it was written.