Lowe's Creative Ideas for Kids' Spaces

Lowe's Creative Ideas for Kids' Spaces

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Book DescriptionTake kid-friendly to a whole new level with Lowe’s Creative Ideas for Kids’ Spaces, based on Lowe’s highly successful Creative Ideas for Your Home & Garden magazine. The book goes way beyond the basics, providing well-thought-out design, space, and storage solutions for kids of all ages. Great photos help you plan the best bedrooms, study areas, and indoor and outside play spaces for the kid in your life.


* 30 do-it-yourself projects, some decorative, some functional, and some strictly for fun

* Provides practical advice on sharing rooms, choosing appropriate furniture, and planning for transitions as kids get older

* Includes storage and display solutions, decorating, lighting, window treatments, wall coverings, and accessories

* Covers kid-friendly yards, play structures, and gardening

* Safety checklists, planning tips, shopping resources