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Risk Management in Projects

Risk Management in Projects

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Book Description

Project managers and professionals in construction real estate, civil engineering and transport planning need to base their decisions on realistic information. For this they require a sound understanding of risk and of peoples' attitudes towards it.

The focus of the second edition of John Raftery's successful text Risk Analysis in Project Management has been expanded to encompass the entire risk management process and to provide a fuller presentation of how risk is perceived by the general public. This new material is covered in two new chapters on risk identification and risk response and by a complete reorganization of the chapters on risk analysis.

The style is still very straightforward and easy to read, but there is an increased attention to the theory underlying the principles, and an expanded bibliography is given to guide an exploration of the subject in greater detail. Risk management is demystified by presenting the subject in simple and practical terms, free of technical jargon. Case studies are used extensively to illustrate the concepts discussed.