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A Year at Kew

A Year at Kew

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Book DescriptionA beautifully illustrated, month-by-month tour of one of the world’s great botanical gardens.

England’s Kew Garden, which receives over a million visitors a year, was recently designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, ranking it alongside Stonehenge, the Pyramids, and the Taj Mahal. This companion to the BBC series, A Year at Kew, now takes us on a private tour of this great botanical garden, looking at the work of Kew’s experts—in the greenhouses, labs, and libraries—that earns the garden its reputation as a center of scientific excellence. Each monthly chapter highlights what is in flower at Kew, what is being planted or removed, and what special activities are going on there, including seasonal festivals and exhibitions. A unique, behind-thescenes glimpse of one of the world’s horticultural treasures.