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Dot:Grid Designbook: 5.06" x 7.81"

Dot:Grid Designbook: 5.06" x 7.81"

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In an attempt to bring dot grids to the masses at an affordable price, I've made this version available at the lowest possible price the publisher will allow me to list it at. It's got 100 pages of 60# white paper, good for everyday writing and ideation. I wouldn't recommend very inky or fountain pens on it. The cover is 10pt cover stock, roughly 80#. This makes it bendable, pocketable, and portable. The dots are a light grey and are spaced 1/8" apart. This is the most affordable option at the moment for those that need a simple notebook with dot-grid, there are various sizes available to suit your needs. Future revisions with premium paper, cover and binding are in the works. Visit thedotgrid.com for more information or email info@thedotgrid.com with comments and suggestions.