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Chinese New Year Painting (Illustrated)

Chinese New Year Painting (Illustrated)

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Chinese New Year Painting offers a brief introduction to the historical development, the artistic and cultural significance, the rhymed formulas and the collection, research and protection of Chinese New Year paintings. It traces back the prominent characteristics of New Year paintings in different periods of Chinese history in chronological order. The book is characterized by a clear-cut layout, rich and colorful content and true-to-history account. Wang Shucun, the author of this book, is an expert on the collection and research of wood board Chinese New Year paintings. Some of his collections have been identified as national treasures. Nurtured by Chinese folk culture, Wang Shucun s fame has been well established in the academic studies of Chinese New Year paintings. This book highlights his years of research and collection of Chinese New Year paintings. With excellent pictures and texts, the abstruse theories of Chinese New Year paintings are presented in a reader-friendly way.