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Guide to Bridge Hydraulics, Second Edition

Guide to Bridge Hydraulics, Second Edition

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Book DescriptionFloods and erosion continue to be the significant causes of bridge damage and failures worldwide. They are also a key consideration in bridge design construction and maintenance. Growing concern over the security of bridges against the action of water has led to extensive re-evaluation of existing foundations. This new edition of the Guide to Bridge Hydraulics has been extensively revised and expanded to provide the latest developments on: construction, inspection and maintenance; river flow hydraulics, fish passage, floating ice and debris, alluvial fans, and debris torrents; hydrology, scour estimation and riprap design; environmental issues; and the evaluation of existing bridges. Presented within this invaluable handbook are sections on basic hydraulic considerations, hydrologic estimates, waterway design and analysis, scour protection and channel control, hydraulic aspects of construction, inspection and maintenance and also special problems such as tidal crossings, waves and debris flow and torrents. This unique book is an important purchase for all those involved in bridge design, construction and maintenance, such as bridge owners, design offices, bridge consultants and construction equipment suppliers. Covering a wide range of topics, with detailed advice and guidance, in an area of little information on the subject, the Guide to Bridge Hydraulics is the essential publication in its field.