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Garden Problem Solver

Garden Problem Solver

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Amazon.comIn spite of years of trying to raise a few pitiful flowers in the beds around the street trees in my very urban neighborhood in San Francisco, battling the dogs, the kids, the plant thieves, the people who dump garbage (and hypodermic needles, broken toilets, and leftover Kentucky Fried Chicken. etc.) in my flower beds, I am not a very good gardener. In fact, I've always been too proud to admit that even without the outright assaults on my flowers and shrubs, a lot of the things I plant would probably not make it anyway, due to bugs, the wrong light, the wrong climate, over-watering or under-watering. Finally, though, I have a reference guide for horticultural problems that have always eluded me. This book is it! Perhaps with armed guards and some trained Doberman Pinschers, I will finally be able to raise some lush, colorful flowers out there in front of my house. With luck.