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Easy X10 Projects For Creating A Smart Home

Easy X10 Projects For Creating A Smart Home

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Book DescriptionSams Technical Publishing expands on its long history in the consumer electronics industry with Easy X10 Projects for Creating a Smart Home. Aimed at the savvy, do-it-yourself consumer, this book will assist the reader with the design and installation of home automation devices related to the X10 technologies.

X10 technology gives the do-it-yourselfer the ability to automate the home in an affordable and efficient way. This book provides detailed instructions on utilizing the X10 technology to automate many areas of your home, with components readily found at your local home improvement center. X10 related components are perfect for existing as well as new construction, and can easily be utilized in rental units as well. Easy X10 Projects for Creating a Smart Home takes the reader through a series of steps, from simple projects, to the more complex ones, addressing the interfacing of your personal computer, wireless controls, and voice controls.

Technica Pacifica has a diversestaff of writers who are also teachers in varying fields from journalism to engineering, economics, insurance and construction. Their focus is to write concise and simple instructions that are dedicated to the task of creating clear and understandable text.

Topics addressed include: ·Lights ·Security Systems ·HVAC ·Voice Control Systems ·Budget considerations ·System set-up ·Computer Controls