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Contemporary Asian Kitchens And Dining Rooms (Contemporary Asian Home)

Contemporary Asian Kitchens And Dining Rooms (Contemporary Asian Home)

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Book DescriptionFew rooms in the house depict the changing aesthetics of design as radically as kitchens and dining rooms. With the growing trend toward more cutting-edge fixtures and fittings in kitchens, and more interactive and creative dining areas, these once formalistic rooms are redefining the Asian home. Contemporary Asian Kitchens and Dining Rooms looks at a wide range of inspirational kitchens and dining rooms, from the elegance of open-plan entertaining spaces to the raw, modern look of an industrial kitchen. Featuring the work of some of the best architects and designers from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Bali, and with special sections on al fresco dining as well as tips on how to create the ultimate in table settings, this book offers acomprehensive and imaginative showcase of kitchens and dining rooms in the modern Asian home.