En Passant par la Demeure

En Passant par la Demeure

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Book DescriptionEn passant par la demeure is a vivid photographic tour of one French country home and garden. The noted interior designer Jean-Loup Daraux walks the reader through his marvelous house located in the south of France, in the Camargue region. The residence is a stunning showcase of French country interior design.

For Daraux, the words "en passant" are not unlike a manifesto. He revels in creating relatively simple yet elegant spaces which generate the impression that everything was designed and rendered in passing, or as he says, "as if by magic."

The book is divided into five sections, the first four correspond to the seasons of the year. While following a path through the house, and through the seasons, Daraux comments on diverse subjects helping the reader to discover and appreciate all the fascinating aspects of his home. Along the way he reveals a few secrets that helped him design the house in a rich French country style. The fifth section of the book, entitled "En passant parle chantier," includes intriguing vignettes of some of the painstaking restoration work and shows details of flooring, fabrics, and furniture used in the house.

Large format photographs throughout the book masterfully convey the atmosphere of the house and evoke the particular luminosity of each of the seasons. Plans and colorful quotations are printed twenty-four vellum pages placed throughout this luxurious volume.

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