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The Home Carpenter & Woodworker's Repair Manual

The Home Carpenter & Woodworker's Repair Manual

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Book Description
Author of more than a dozen books on the do-it-yourself bookshelves, William Spence has topped them all with a massive, comprehensive, full-color guide essential for every homeowner. More than 700 photos and 900 drawings accompanythe instructions for scores of carpentry and repair projects indoors and out, for every room in the home.

When you need to repair, replace, or remodel any part of your home, you can get the job done right, whether you fix it yourself or supervise the work of professionals. Hundreds of major and minor carpentry and woodworking jobs are clearly explained by an expert who knows all the shortcut skills and money-saving techniques--illustrated with more than 1,600 color photos, illustrations, diagrams, and tables. Projects range from installing a wall, to replacing the wainscoting. They cover jobs indoors and out, and include updating kitchens and bathrooms, and installing lighting and appliances, as well as new or old ceilings and floors, doors and windows, cabinets and closets, roofing and siding, finishing attic and basement rooms, and even furniture repair.