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Decorative Painting for Home & Garden

Decorative Painting for Home & Garden

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Book Description
It’s easy to add a dash of panache to any décor with 19 unique painted designs for chairs, benches, shelves, and even pillows. Just transfer the patterns onto the furniture, follow the color placement instructions and detailed worksheets, add a few shadows and highlights as explained, and you will have a beautiful piece that would cost a fortune to buy. Decorate a drop-leaf table with colorful fruits of the season: purple grapes and plums, golden yellow pears and lemons,luscious peaches, and ripe red apples. An old flea market chair can become worthy of royalty when given a whimsical “Queen of Hearts” motif. Or try the Fairest of Them All Mirror, Le Jardin Twig Footstool, Just for Her Cabinet, and other fabulous patterns. A Selection of the Country Homes & Gardens Book Club.