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Coach Houses of Toronto

Coach Houses of Toronto

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Book DescriptionAn affectionate tribute to some of Toronto's most beautiful hidden homes.

Some of the most charming homes in the .nest neighborhoods of today's modern cities once housed horse teams and carriages. Then ripe with the smells of leather,horse and hay, they are now among the most coveted urban dwellings. This book is a pictorial tour of 22 of Toronto's most attractive coach house homes, some lovingly preserved, others carefully restored, and most extensively renovated. Despite their dramatic interior-design differences, all share a distinctive historic allure.

As the twentieth century progressed, the magnificent coach houses were demolished or fell into disrepair. Because of their age and rarity, the surviving coach houses are highlyprized and tenaciously protected by their owners and by many city historical boards across North America. This beautiful collection of essays and images pays homage to these secret homes.