Ultimate Dog Grooming

Ultimate Dog Grooming

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Book DescriptionDefinitive how-to reference for grooming 170 dog breeds.

When it comes to dog grooming, one size clearly does not fit all. No other animal species is as diverse as the dog. The wide range of breeds includes all sizes, looks, temperaments and, most critically to grooming, coat types.

Each breed presents its own unique challenge for a finished grooming effect.

Ultimate Dog Grooming reveals the secrets of top dog groomers. The first section covers caring for and grooming the pet dog: how to keep coats healthy; tips for routine care; and advice for choosing a groomer.

The second section covers grooming as a profession: advice for starting a grooming business; choosing and buying equipment; the grooming process; detecting coat and skin disorders; and instructions for handling problems that can commonly arise.

The third section covers specific information for individual breeds. Each chapter is dedicated to a coat type, with step-by-step instructions for grooming each breedfrom start to finish. Insider tips for preparing a dog for show are also included.

More that 500 color photographs and line drawings throughout show exactly what to do. Ultimate Dog Grooming is the ideal reference for understanding and learning how to clip, strip or blow-dry a dog.