Easy Orchids

Easy Orchids

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Book DescriptionProven advice on many easy-to-grow orchids.

Long considered expensive and difficult to grow, modern orchid varieties are far from fragile and come in a vast array of colors and sizes to suit any gardener and home environment.

Easy Orchids explains how to grow orchids at home, from choosing a healthy plant to transporting and caring for it.

An extensive A-Z orchid directory includes cool, warm and intermediate varieties and hybrids, each with detailed care instructions. The directory also features: - Strength of fragrance - Ease of growth - Ideal growing temperatures and locations - Size of bloom - Watering and humidity levels - Feeding, potting and summer care.

Advances in home climate technology have spurred thedramatic rise in popularity of orchid houseplants. Wide availability and affordability have made them more accessible.

Beautifully illustrated and up-to-date, Easy Orchids also includes a checklist for gardeners buying orchids online. Other buying tips include what to look for in healthy roots and leaves and the wrapping of the orchid for shipping or travel.

With the valuable tips and advice in Easy Orchids, gardeners of all levels will discover how fail-safe it can be to grow orchids.