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New Kitchen & Bath Idea Book Collection (Idea Books)

New Kitchen & Bath Idea Book Collection (Idea Books)

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Book DescriptionThe kitchen is the true heart of the home, and homeowners are spending a lot of time and money to make their old kitchens less utilitarian and more creative, a place where people can congregate as well as cook and enjoy good food. And, the bathroom today is also getting more attention than ever from homeowners, as they realize its value as a personal retreat and resale enhancer. Taunton's New Kitchen and Bath Idea Book Collection includes both their New Kitchen Idea Book and New Bathroom Idea Book. Both of these wonderful idea books are brimming with visual inspiration. One beautiful photo after another will inspire readers with creative ways to solve problems and enhance the quality of each space. In addition, this collection offers lotsof practical information and a wide array of design ideas that will appeal to every budget and taste.