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So Simple Upholstery

So Simple Upholstery

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Book Description
Revive tired, worn, and threadbare furniture with these easy-to-follow lessons in upholstery. So Simple Upholstery offers clear, detailed advice and specially commissioned step-by-step photography that makes this subject accessible for even the newcomer. The book includes an introduction outlining the tools that readers need and explains how to successfully remove old material. From there, projects begin, ranging from a simple music stool to an elegant chaise lounge. Topics cover handling the practicalities of repairing innards, calculating new yardage, cutting pieces to fit properly, and achieving smooth coverage. The emphasis in this book is on practical household furniture - chairs, stools, sofas - as these pieces are used on a day-to-day basis. So Simple Upholstery encourages the reader to use the best materials and the most reliable techniques, so that furniture can enjoy a full and serviceable life!