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Woodworking Tools & Techniques (Weekend Woodworker)

Woodworking Tools & Techniques (Weekend Woodworker)

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Book Description Woodworking Tools & Techniques is a comprehensive resource on tools, materials, and techniques for the new woodworker. Large color photos and practical, expert instruction will help them choose the right tools, set up a shop, and use both safely.

Choosing materials is as important as choosing tools, and Woodworking Tools & Techniques thoroughly covers material selection. With dozens of detailed color photos, the book will describe the characteristics and uses of the hugevariety of common to exotic hardwoods available on the market today.

Finally, Woodworking Tools & Techniques is a comprehensive resource for basic woodworking techniques from planning and preparation to joinery to finishes. Even intermediate and seasoned woodworkers will find the exhaustive explanation of basic techniques useful as they embark on increasingly advanced woodworking projects.