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Native Perennials for the Southeast

Native Perennials for the Southeast

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Book DescriptionMany of the most beloved garden plants are actually native to the U.S., and the Southeast has a rich diversity of species perfectly adaptable to a variety of garden settings. The trend towards using native plants in the garden has been consistently growing for a number of years and shows no signs of slowing down. Once limited to small specialty nurseries, native perennials are now readily available and can be found in garden centers throughout the Southeast. Not only are they beautiful, they are tough. Because they are naturally compatible with the climate and soil conditions of the region, they are low maintenance, pest resistant, and drought tolerant. This means they will perform well without time-consuming maintenance requirements and do not need pesticides and other chemicals to thrive. Today gardeners are finding the many wonderful qualities of native perennials make them perfect for use in the home landscape.