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Beyond the Lawn : Unique Outdoor Spaces for Modern Living

Beyond the Lawn : Unique Outdoor Spaces for Modern Living

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Book Description?Grass is pass?,? says veteran landscape designer Keith Davitt. He goes beyond the traditional lawn in this book, now in paperback, in which he offers a number of fresh, new ideas for transforming front and backyards into sanctuaries thatpack plenty of curb appeal and offer a hideaway for you and your family and friends.

This refreshing book offers myriad ideas for nontraditional outdoor spaces that are as beautiful as they are low maintenance. You?ll discover how to banish cutting, watering, and weed worries forever by creating lovely outdoor spaces that replace the traditional grass lawn with rock walls, sculptures, native grasses, mosses, wildflowers, and more.

Davitt guides you through making design choices that suit your unique needs, such as determining which plants thrive in particular climates and soil conditions. He shows how to beautify your landscape with numerous materials and techniques, ultimately proving that it is possible to create a truly stunning garden withoutgrass.