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Organized To Last: 5 Simple Steps To Staying Organized

Organized To Last: 5 Simple Steps To Staying Organized

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Book DescriptionORGANIZED TO LAST is not just a book about getting organized, it's a book about staying organized. Using FOCUS principles and her 5 Simple Steps, author and master organizer Porter Knight will help you take control of your life one pile at a time. With Porter at your side, you will build a lasting organizational system tailored to your own individual lifestyle. Designed with short, easy to read segments and compelling video clips of people like you, this unique book and DVD action guidewill cajole you to put it down and get to work.

If your desk is buried under piles of paper; if your projects are waiting to be finished; if your closet floor is lost under mounds of clothes or boxes waiting to be sorted; if your garage is so full that your car is parked outside, then you need ORGANIZED TO LAST. But, you say, you probably need to get organized, but you don't need or want a thick book with a cumbersome organization system that you will follow diligently for three days and then abandonforever. You don't need more file folders or containers or drawer organizers. You don't really even need inspiration. YOU NEED YOUR LIFE BACK! "This simple book and fun-to-watch DVD make getting organized...and staying organized...a whole lot easier. Porter's unique approach will help you look at your systems in a new way." --Barry J. Izak, President, National Assoc. of Professional Organizers