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Living in Quebec

Living in Quebec

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Book Description
For European charm, stunning natural landscapes, and world-class cuisine, look no further than Quebec. Just across the border of the American northeast the province of Quebec, with culturally rich cities and pristine parks, is an accessible holiday destination abundant in natural beauty and cosmopolitan flair. The Quebecois invite us to enter their Victorian mansions, colonial French homes, brick houses with winding exterior staircases, log cabins, and contemporary lofts to share in culinary specialties such as maple syrup and tourtière, the traditional meat pie eaten on Christmas eve. Living in Quebec follows the changing seasons, from the flamboyant colors of an Indian summer to the underground life of Montreal in winter. Picturesque villages along the banks of the St. Lawrence, footpaths around clear blue lakes, and magnificent spring gardens all come to life in this richly illustrated volume.