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Portable Architecture and Unpredictable Surroundings

Portable Architecture and Unpredictable Surroundings

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Book Description• Amazing collection of architecture that can be moved

• Full-color photos, floor plans, and commentary for each project

• Unique, insightful, cutting-edge

From the foldable home to blow-up shelters, a daring spirit pervades each project in this collection. Award-winning architects from around the globe contributed their finest work in portable architecture—some shelters designed for low-impact living, some for special uses, some for short-term and long-term housing or other purposes, some for those wishing to lead a nomadic lifestyle. Imaginative, provocative, the results push the envelope of what most Americans and architects think of as "architecture." All projects are illustrated with full-color photographs,floor plans, and commentary from the creators. Portable Architecture is sure to be an endless source of inspiration for urban planners, architects, and anyone interested in thinking outside the box.