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Laduree: Decoration & Inspiration

Laduree: Decoration & Inspiration

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  • Laduree's brand and books are highly successful around the world.
  • The unique ribbon-tied packaging and 3-sided pop-up make this a special gift.
    Laduree's style is distinctive and recognizable. What makes it so? What are their inspirations? How can we reproduce this style in rooms or parts of our homes? Three decorative styles combine to make up Laduree style: 18th century, Second Empire and Madeline Castaing reinterpreted by Laduree.
    Today Laduree is more than just a tea shop and macaroons. It is a desirable environment that unites customers from all over the world. It is created from historical inspiration and feminine styles that inspired the decorative arts of their times: Madame de Pompadour in the 18th century, Empress Eugenia in the Second Empire and Madeleine Castaing at the beginning of the 20th century. This book presents how Laduree adapted these styles to create their own environment: furniture, materials, textiles, wallpaper, jewelry, beauty accessories etc.
    This beautifully crafted 3-sided pop-up presented in a ribbon-tied envelope shows a perfect representation of Laduree style.