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How I Sold Millions of Books

How I Sold Millions of Books

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NOW FULLY REVISED WITH DOUBLE THE CONTENT. "How I sold millions of books" is a must-have playbook for anyone who wants to learn how to sell millions of copies of their own book and earn serious money. It does not matter if your book is Self-Help, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Children's, Diet, Fitness, or Business book etc., you need to invest time and money and then use this playbook so you can be the next person that sells millions of books. First, I am an author like you and I have learnt the game of making money, and lots of it, being an author. I have over 35 bestselling books and have sold more books than 99% of all authors on the planet and I did it very fast, lightning fast. You will learn: * How I pre-sold 10,000 - 50,000 copies of each book and raised over $200,000 per book before I even went to print and did it with over 30 books. * How I got the biggest authors in the industry to endorse and promote my book, which made me millions. * How to make your own book a bestseller and use that credibility to open doors to sell millions of copies. * How to create a team of workers that will help you sell millions books. * About social media, blogging, book clubs, book seminars, etc. As I said, I am an author just like you and I know that marketing and selling your book can be hard and that family and friends may not fully understand your deep desire to get your book out to millions. I just want you to know that I understand and I feel strongly that my mission on this earth is to help you with your book. To date I have made over 1000 bestsellers and I know that I can help you with your own book. After reading this book, I will do my best to personally email you or have a conversation with you on the phone. I am here to help you.