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Media Planning & Buying in the 21st Century: Second Edition

Media Planning & Buying in the 21st Century: Second Edition

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Want a job in advertising? Well, the marketing and media revolution continues unabated! Advertising media planning also continues in its transition to integrated marketing communications. Media Planning & Buying in the 21st Century is the most comprehensive, up to date, and easy to read media book available. Introducing the Second Edition (January 2013) of Media Planning & Buying in the 21st Century! Written for college students and early career professionals, the book is a how to media planning & buying textbook and reference. The second edition is updated with new industry trends for marketing and markets, traditional and digital media, including internet marketing, social media and a whole new chapter on Media Sales, a major source of ad jobs. Says Lou Schultz, a one-man media think tank and former CEO of Interpublic's Initiative Media: “Ron’s book is a remarkable effort to support the way academia must evolve if it is to keep pace with business practices. It is difficult to write an introductory book on any subject, let alone media, without becoming entangled in the tapestry and constraints of history. I think Ron has succeeded. He has changed the framework of the discussion from what I would call pigeonhole thinking to an ecumenical presentation of how the future will shape the perception and use of advertising and media in the 21st Century.” The book's 560 pages provides instructor's with a lot of content and flexibility in designing classes. The contents include: Welcome to the Future The business of media The 21st century revolution in marketing, markets & media Media math review Audience concepts (all media) Understanding media costs Media Impact Media in marketing Communications roles Target market priorities Geographic strategies Timing strategies The tools of IMC Traditional media Internet marketing Social media marketing Building the media plan Media buying negotiations Buying broadcast media Buying print media Buying online media Guerrilla media buying Media sales The future Instructor Flexibility Because the book is a hefty 550+ pages ( a workbook and reference are also available) it gives profs the flexibility to emphasize the content that THEY judge to be most important for their students—whether all material or emphasizing planning, buying, selling, or new media. Instructors can also supplement the text with a learn by doing workbook and a media reference which includes real world media costs. Why did I Write this Book? This book was written because there is not a really good media book available (my opinion). One fairly popular book caused my students to ask, "Where's the beef?" Another is so boring and disorganized that students are unable to comprehend the content. All are out of date. In the age of new media, some authors have almost forgotten that media is primarily a marketing discipline. Other books barely mention media buying which is at least half the importance of the function. None give a paragraph to IMC or integration. So here's why I decided to write my own book! Media is a creative, strategic marketing discipline, and should be presented that way.We are in an exciting period with change all around us. We are in the midst of a 21st century revolution, but no authors seem to have noted that fact, other than the digital revolution. Current books are not comprehensive, e.g., barely mentioning the discipline of MEDIA BUYING which is at least half of the importance of the media function and and have somehow lost their marketing focus.