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Media Planning & Buying in the 21st Century Workbook: 2nd Edition

Media Planning & Buying in the 21st Century Workbook: 2nd Edition

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Media Buying & Planning in the 21st Century is the companion workbook to the textbook of the same name. Its 176 pages contain questions, problems and exercises, and student cases. Each chapter of the workbook corresponds to a chapter in the textbook. (Professors may also choose to ask students to complete all or selected questions or use the workbook for class discussion.) Why a workbook? The best way to learn media media planning concepts is by "doing" In the workbook, students answer questions that measure their understanding of key concepts. For each chapter,the workbook includes; REVIEW QUESTIONS Each chapter includes questions that requires a degree of understanding for students to complete. By referring back to the text (if needed) in order to complete questions we believe greater learning will take place. EXERCISES The workbook also contains many exercises which require students do demonstrate how to solve problems. For example, an exercise may involve calculating data about audiences, costs, impact levels in order to determine the best media options (given assumptions). Students are usually queried as to "why" they answered as they did. MEDIA EVALUATIONS & PLANS There are several real world exercises which require students to complete real world media evaluations of the type that clients often send over to the agency. The workbook also includes a case study which may be used to develop a full media plan. MEDAIM The workbook also provides access to an online model for media mix analysis. For example, the student might ask, "At a given budget (budget input provided by student), what would the the resulting reach and frequency and effective frequency be for different combinations of media.