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Financial Accounting: An introduction

Financial Accounting: An introduction

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Financial Accounting: An Introduction does not simply teach the accounting standards; it demonstrates that accounting is about "how to" as well as "why to" record and report information in a way that engages directly with Generation Y students. The book uses a narrative approach to tell the story of accounting as each accounting concept is introduced through a problem to be solved by the character, a young Capetonian entrepreneur. Students are guided through the appropriate solution available.The unique narrative approach taken by the book contextualizes accounting concepts for students and this "allows for reference to be made back to earlier events, concepts or transactions with more meaning for the reader than a more formal text could achieve." (Skinner, 2010). The book has been reviewed for the latest changes to the conceptual framework and terminology changes.The fourth edition features the following completely revised chapters:The conceptual framework Inventory Companies, including integrated reporting and updated statements in changes of equity Statement of cash flows