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The second book of Thucydides

The second book of Thucydides

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This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1854 Excerpt: ...'we can judge at any rate, if we cannot frame or contrive' (A.),' if we cannot originate.' D. The particle yi always expresses the most certain part of the alternative, although the two things be not placed in the same order as in English. Cf. Arist. Eth. 1, 8, ei yi ri ri irXtiara KaropQovv, to be right on some one point at least, if not on most points (A.).--npiviiv, to decide on measures proposed by the executive government; kvQvfieioQai, to form plans or measures; to conceive them in the mind; hence to originate them. Thus Antipho is said to have been Kparwrog iv9vfit)8ijvai Kal & yvoit t'nriiv. A. Tovs &yov%. A removal of the charge against the Athenians that they were 0tXoX6yoi. aXXd. Supply pXa'/Snv riyovuevot. Sell. fj... cpw iX9t!v, sc. lip' & SiX (tpyf tXOnv), 'but rather consider it a disadvantage not to have been previously instructed in word before we in deed undertake what is to be undertaken,' or before we actually come to do what we have to do. 3 St adds emphasis to the modal adv. Sia(jip6vri»s, 'for in this cdso, we are very different from others' roXfsav, as in 1, 70, 2. K. tKoyit,erQai, to reason it out by mental calculation. 5 may be construed 'whereas:' but the explanation is probably given correctly by P. and K. The author placed b, referred to (iK)XoyiZto9ai, as if he were going to prepare the way for an epexegetical Xoyid/ioc, in some suoh form as this, B role dXXoic, dfiaQiac Qpdrroc tptpovo-ng, Okvov ipepu, instead of which he has expressed the thought as we see, to bring out the antithesis (between duaBia and Xoyia/ios) more sharply and pointedly. Cf. 3, 12, 1, o rt role dXXoic uaXiara tvvoia Triariv fiifiaiol, ij/itv roiro 6 0o/3oc eY,vpoi jraptlxevK. Skvos, 1 Nearly so A. in ed. 2: "Grammatically speaking w...