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The Power of The Plan: Empowering the Leader in You

The Power of The Plan: Empowering the Leader in You

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How many of us have offered to run a small project in our lives only to discover mid-way through that we really didn't have a good grasp of the art of managing a project? How many of us would like to step-up and volunteer our time to run a project but feel we don't have the necessary tools? This book presents a simple, easy-to-understand process for managing small, everyday projects. This is not "Project Management Essentials" or "PM 101". It is simpler than that. We will take you through a series of ten steps for managing small everyday projects starting with the important question "Should I really do this?" all the way through to tips on closing it all down and celebrating at the end. We will show you how to run great meetings that people want to attend, how to create a simple schedule and budget, and more. Most importantly, we will give you the tools to deliver your project on time and on budget making you and others feel great about your results. This book is here to empower you to say "Yes, I can run that event" and to give you the tools to make it happen. Added Bonus: You will receive access to a website dedicated to sharing tools and templates contributed by us and our readers that you can use on any project.