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Visual Forex Trader

Visual Forex Trader

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If you would like to profit from trading the Forex markets but do not want to use large amounts of money to start – then this is the method for you. For as little as ?200/USD to start trading you can make a regular income stream – a very welcome bonus in these hard economic times. This system is based on using visual signals that you can easily see on the charts supplied by the spread betting companies. It requires no deep financial knowledge, complex spreadsheets or formulae and doesn’t even depend on whether the markets are going up or down – just watch for the signals and start trading. It really is that simple. All you need is your eyes and a computer - that’s it! I expect you are maybe slightly sceptical at this stage and I don’t blame you. I imagine that perhaps you may have tried other Forex schemes in the past and been disappointed with the results – well join the club! So have I. I have wasted thousands of pounds in the past, trying out various methods that claim to make you regular large sums of money without success. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that many of these were deliberately misleading but often they don’t work for many people for one reason or another. However, I knew that there were people that do make regular income streams from trading the Forex and I was determined to find a way that worked for me- not just occasionally but consistently and without the involvement of complicated spreadsheets or formulae. Profits from financial spread betting are free of tax. This is one of the main attractions for many people. There are no fees or commissions to pay: the only charge is the modest dealing spread (explained in the book). You can access thousands of markets from one account. Many Spread Betting companies offer global indices, individual shares, currency pairs, and commodities such as crude oil and precious metals, as well as sectors, bonds, options, binary bets and many more. You can spread bet whenever and wherever you want. There are no restrictions as to when you can place a bet and many of the markets are available to trade even when the underlying market is closed. Additionally with many companies offering Mobile options to choose from you can access your account whenever you need to, no matter where you are. Potential losses can be limited by using Stop Losses with guaranteed stops allowing you to put an absolute limit on your risk without affecting your potential profits.