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Trading EURUSD event risk (Coaching FX Traders' Trading Manuals) (Volume 2)

Trading EURUSD event risk (Coaching FX Traders' Trading Manuals) (Volume 2)

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There are around 100 data releases monthly that might affect the EURUSD in terms of volatility upon release and cause a possible move/trend thereafter. While most of them have a limited impact – some of them do. It is important for traders to prepare themselves ahead of data releases in terms of what to do depending on what the data show. In “Trading EURUSD event risk” I have outlined those data and news releases EURUSD traders should pay attention to - from those which tend to cause volatility upon release and a possible move/trend afterwards - to those for which you normally see little volatility upon release and no move/trend afterwards. I have set out the volatility one normally sees in terms of +/- pips movements for the EURUSD during the first minutes after a data is being published and I have also indicated the move or trend one could expect from data being released - should the actual figure be a surprise to the market. For the 100 most important data I have included graphs with historical data for the last 12 months both in terms of what the actual figure as well as what was forecasted ahead of release. I recommend studying the historical data where discrepancies between a forecast and the actual number were substantial and to study the EURUSD graph after release time. Over time you will learn the impact of such data on volatility as well as moves/trends afterwards. “Trading EURUSD event risk” is presented as a powerpoint presentation enabling you to update the graphs yourself for future data releases and/or to amend the graphs to a format you prefer yourself.