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Job Market: Survival Guide in 2012 & Beyond

Job Market: Survival Guide in 2012 & Beyond

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This book is a collection of best practices and lessons learned in planning, and implementing various strategies of preparing for, keeping and transitioning from jobs to other jobs in several industries - healthcare, banking, finance, semi-conductor, retail, aerospace, automotive, telecommunications, oil, federal/state/county/city governments, entertainment, and transportation - among others. This book builds the case for public officials, policy makers, the private sector and the rest of us to get our act and work together. The current economic problems and loss of jobs are self-inflicted and caused by a catastrophic collapse of governance in 2008 and the years prior. Companion volumes to this book are: Job Market: Innovators, Stakeholders & Infrastructure, Job Market: Family and Support System, and Job Market: The Retired, Disadvantaged and Marginalized.