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The Job Hunting Handbook

The Job Hunting Handbook

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The Job Hunting Handbook is a complete job-search plan you can read in about an hour or so and get started on your job hunt today. It's upbeat, motivational and written in a friendly conversational style. Look what's included: • Learn how employers hire-and how to survive the four cuts • Just fill-in-the-blanks to craft a resume with all the right stuff • How to ask three references to sing your praises • What to say when a hiring manager calls you • What to wear to a job interview-and why it matters • How to sell yourself with a 15 second sales pitch • A dozen ways to show honest enthusiasm • How to answer 50 tough interview questions with ease • 17 smart questions to ask a hiring manager • Four things you need to do after every job interview • Plus, step-by-step coaching for networking, social media, job fairs, ?job boards, career centers, employment agencies, following-up, and much more. Also included are wages and demand for America's top 175 occupations. Over 7 million copies sold, The Job Hunting Handbook is used by thousands of career centers nationwide. It is also printed under private cover for state and local employment services.