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Turning the Pyramid Upside Down: A New Leadership Model

Turning the Pyramid Upside Down: A New Leadership Model

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Globalization and hyper-connectivity are significantly affecting the way all organizations are led, requiring a shift in both leadership approaches and the organization’s context/culture. Leadership attributes and behaviors must move from a concentration on what I need to do to what WE must do, if the organization is to succeed. Leaders need to focus on ensuring that within the organization, there is a high degree of engagement. Flat organization structures, operating without command and control hierarchies, will be better able to respond effectively to this new complex, fast-paced, global environment. Through discussions with industry leaders and drawing on her years of consulting and coaching experience, Marilyn Jacobson covers the necessary tools needed in both leadership approach and organization culture to make these adjustments. Jacobson provides examples of positive organizational changes leaders can make to tackle future challenges, highlighting engagement and adaptability as keys to success in this complex, fast-paced, global environment. As a PhD. from Northwestern University, Marilyn Jacobson has taught in the MBA programs at the University of Illinois at Chicago and Loyola University. Over two decades, she has consulted with hospitals, retail, financial, academic organizations and government agencies including Linens ‘N Things, AT&T Solutions, MacNeal Hospital, Encyclopedia Britannica and the New York State Commission on Education, to name but a few.