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Leadership Transformation Blueprint: Stop Training and Start Transforming

Leadership Transformation Blueprint: Stop Training and Start Transforming

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Leaders have an impact on every aspect of our lives. Whether it’s politics, government, corporations, businesses, schools, we are affected by the decisions leaders make. Unfortunately, we have more managers than we have leaders because it takes a greater personal investment and commitment to lead people than it does to manage them. Why are so many would-be leaders reluctant to lead? Why are fewer and fewer leaders actually stepping up to the plate? Managers can be transformed into great leaders that make an impact both in their work and in our world. Too often, those who are leading only look at what is in front of them and not at the bigger picture and possibilities that surround them. Leaders have a responsibility to make situations better, environments better, lives better and most importantly to make people better. It’s time for those who are called to leadership to step up, step out, and develop the leader that is within. The Leadership Transformation Blueprint is about exploring a new territory of leading with purpose and values. Welcome to the journey of transformation. You are about to take yourself and others to new places. You will be given guidance to the new place. You are not alone because other leaders are on the journey as well. This book is how leaders inspire, invent, instill, invest and INgage others to move toward a desired destination.