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Everyday Leader Heroes

Everyday Leader Heroes

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Behind Every Great Leader Is A Leader Hero That's what this book is about: seemingly ordinary people, everyday people, who set a great example for us to follow. These people make a difference by inspiring and encouraging us to make a difference ourselves. Here, real people share real stories about special people. In challenging times, like those we face now, it often feels harder than ever to create success-both professionally and personally. What's the secret for those who have found the happiness recipe? It lies in the lessons learned from their leader heroes and in the promise that we all are capable of becoming a leader worthy of admiration. We all face good times and bad and, no matter where in life you now find yourself, I hope the insights provided in this book will help you realize your inspiration, give thanks to those leader heroes you admire and, along the way, pay the lessons you have learned forward by encouraging others find their life's balance as well.