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Cool Is For Fools: The Poetry of Marketing

Cool Is For Fools: The Poetry of Marketing

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Libraries-full of marketing books are published, consumed, and recycled every year. Most of these cluster around a handful of themes and offer little by way of insights or authenticity. Cool Is For Fools was written as an antidote to the sickness of mediocrity and illusion that characterizes today’s world of marketing. Written from the perspective of a marketing executive-cum-skeptic, Cool Is For Fools is a series of short snippets, each of which illuminates the trials, tribulations, hits, misses, and possibilities inherent in what could be a grand art. Mahajan argues that marketers must reclaim marketing and mold it into an ethical-yet-fun discipline imbued with both gravity and levity. The stories in Cool Is For Fools serve as a launching pad for poetic marketing and the creation of great marketers, who are at once artists, poets, and involved citizens. If you want to make marketing your own and be both irreverent and passionately effective, read Cool Is For Fools.